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Making the most of the resources that nature
offers us with an awareness, respecting them and making the best use of them in today’s
society. By acting in this way, it becomes a “way
of being”, a model to refer to. With this awareness
G.F. is facing the future, making its professional
expertise available to create products that are
both useful and environmentally-friendly.

  UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental system certification


G.F. has always been very aware of sustainability
and reducing the environmental impact. The
UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification proves our ongoing commitment to controlling our production performance in compliance with the company environmental policy. By raising awareness at every level of the internal organisation, defining documented objectives and targets, G.F. is committed to continuously improving its production process and emission related to the development of its business.






The new G.F. Product packaging has been created with this in mind. The latest choice of packaging consists of homogenous components, which are easier to dispose of, an omission of plastic in nearly all packs and the use of
environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials to ensure G.F.’s continued commitment to increasing environmental sustainability.
In order to raise awareness and stimulate the use of products and services with a lower environmental impact, G.F. has created the “GF ECOPACK” label, which provides end consumers with the information needed in order to recycle the packs according to the material used.




G.F. Eco product

Our commitment to environmental sustainability
means designing products which take advantage
of non-polluting alternative energy. An example
from the vast series of G.F. products is the G.F.
SUNNY solar shower range: pure energy at
our service, using the power of sunlight free of charge.


































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