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The passion for gardening is obvious...


G.F. supports "Promogiardinaggio" for greater knowledge and passion for green areas and gardens 







G.F. is one of the first founding companies of “PROMOGIARDINAGGIO” a non profit association that works to promote a love for gardening and green areas in Italy.


We decided to support “PROMOGIARDINAGGIO” because our idea of a manufacturing company stems from a passion for gardens and nature.


This is where our irrigation products stem from and is still the driving force behind our continuous research to create ever new ideas, which make our green areas more and more beautiful.


We therefore believe it’s important to collaborate with other companies, outside the business, to create more and more areas where we can share and obtain information related to the gardening industry. 


Sharing our passion is the basis for creating collaboration and enthusiasm, broadening the knowledge of this curious world between professional gardening and bricolage, so that every user is an integral part of every project.






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